President's Prattle - October 2016

Well we are back from our caravanning with a renewed appreciation for the great facilities we have in town, not just for swimming, but for living in general. Our winter swimming was good preparation for the wintry weather that accompanied us, with 10 degrees our maximums at times. The good news is “things swimming” continued to progress in our absence back on the home front. Thanks to Steve F for holding the fort.

Mike reported from the Club Captain’s meeting in Perth that the 2018 National titles will be swum in Mandurah as a short course event. Great news that will no doubt require all hands on deck as the planning progresses. This will certainly give a focus for training. To become familiar with the setup, we are also moving the Club Challenge for 2017 to an outside pool short course event in early April next year allowing the use of our great new facilities.