Jellyfish Stings - What to do and not do!

With the open water swim season starting, I thought it might be timely to provide some basic first aid information on treating jellyfish stings. The following information came from

Australia’s waters are home to many interesting and fascinating creatures, including jellyfish, some of which can be the cause of painful stings! Although they are generally quite easy to avoid, they can cause discomfort if you are stung. The intensity and severity of a sting varies on a range of factors including type of stinger, location of the sting, and the health and fitness of the victim.

Non-tropical stingers can be found all around Australia but are more commonly found south of Bundaberg in Queensland and south of Geraldton in Western Australia. Jellyfish that are commonly encountered in Mandurah include: the Bluebottle (shown on the left above) and Cyanea (shown on the right above).