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Battle of the Giants!

If you haven't already heard, you just missed the "Swim of the Year", the most talked about and anticipated race "The Battle of the Giants". Steve Ferguson standing at 6"12 and Des Seery at 6"11 were locked in vicious combat from start to finish.

A pre-race interview conducted by our local correspondent for the Manna 6.30 news, confronted Steve about this intense rivalry! "I don't know what you’re talking about" was Steve's first response, but when pressed, clearly denied its existence and told our reporter ,"Leave me alone and stop annoying him", followed by, "I think you need some professional help", this is a clear sign of the deep down intensity developing pre-race.

Our reporter then approached Des in a secluded location to get to the bottom of this growing grudge swim. "Des, is it true that you couldn't sleep last night because you were obsessed about crushing your arch rival Steve in today's battle of the Giants?" He replied, "What are talking about". "Do you feel that there is an underling power vacuum in the over 60's age group in which you believe is your right to fill?" "Go away and leave me alone" was his response. "Des is it true that you are prepared to use you power and influence as an official to have Steve DQ’d, if it looks like he is going to win?” "You need some professional help" was his response. With that I handed over the usual fee and he said he'd look after me in the 200 backstroke race, wink, wink!

There you have it, the most intense festering rivalry that I have ever witnessed. It was all captured by our hidden camera at the pool. Please be warned this viewing is not for the faint hearted.

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