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Jennifer and Mike win Age Groups at State Championships!

The 2016 Masters State Championships at HBF Stadium on Saturday and Sunday 15 & 16 October 2016 saw another strong performance from a somewhat undermanned Mandurah Mannas Team. Well done Jennifer, Karen, Anwar, Des, Greg, John, Mike, Simon, and Steve!

Captain Mike, with 6 wins from 6 events, easily won the 60-64 Age Group and doing so gave us all a master class in "cagey" swimming.

Jennifer, also with 6 wins from 6 events, won the 30-34 Age Group with some terrific swims, setting PB's in five events, namely: the 50 & 100 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke, and 50 & 100 Breaststroke. From a FINA points total perspective, Jen was also our best swimmer with 2939 points from her 6 events.

Simon set five new PB's, which all appear to be new Club LC Records for the 55 to 59 Age Group, namely: 50 Freestyle in a very quick time of 28.80 (breaking his own record of 30.40 set earlier this year); 50 & 200 Backstroke in 34.09 & 3:13.46 (breaking Graeme McAuslane's 1999 time of 38.81 and 2003 time of 3:36.33, respectively); 50 Butterfly in 34.16 (breaking Graeme McAuslane's 2000 time of 37.45) and 100 Butterfly in 1:22.69; and 200 Individual Medley in 3:09.75 (breaking Ken Phillips 2004 record of 3:38.34). To put things into perspective, Simon was only beaten out of first place by 0.02 seconds by Paul Blackbeard in the 50 m Freestyle!

Anwar could only be there for Saturday, but still had 4 wins from 4 events. He also set two new PB's, which both appear to set new Club LC Records for the 35 to 39 Age Group, namely: 200 Freestyle in 2:08.11 and 100 Backstroke in 1:08.13, which eclipse Warren Hewett's 200 Freestyle time of 2:34.97 and Paul Birch's 100 Backstroke time of 1:31.26.

Special mention to Head Coach John who could only attend on Sunday but had 2 wins and 2 seconds from 4 events.

Congratulations to others who set PB's: Karen in the 200 Backstroke Greg in the 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke & 50 Breaststroke Des in the 100 & 200 Freestyle Mike in the 200 Freestyle & 100 Backstroke Steve in the 50 Freestyle

Captain Mike was heard to say that his 200m Freestyle might be his first and last effort at ‘Long Distance Freestyle Swimming’. (It goes without saying he was excluding the Doddi's Dash!)

Click here to see the initial results on the MSA Results Portal.

Click here to see a video of Greg's awesome 50m Breaststroke swim, where he shaved 43 seconds off his nominated time!

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