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Mandurah cleans up at Bunbury Skins Meet

Mandurah Team had great results at the Bunbury Skins Meet.

With a team of just 4 swimmers, we had Anwar Moreno win the Male ‘Splash for Cash’ trophy.

This Event comprised a qualifying 50m Fly swim with the 8 fastest male and 8 fastest female swimmers progressing to a swim off of 5 x 50m sprints on 3 minute intervals. The first 4 sprints being the strokes of the Individual Medley in random order as drawn before each leg with one competitor being eliminated after each of the first 4 legs. The final 50m being a freestyle sprint.

Jennifer Rollin Busby placed a gallant second in the Women’s ‘Splash for Cash’ event having looked very comfortable in the first 4 legs, but unfortunately getting edged in the final.

Karen Boyce qualified for the ‘Splash for Cash’ event, but unfortunately was eliminated after the 3rd leg.

Captain Mike qualified for the over 60’s Freestyle Skins event and duly won. The event comprised a qualifying 50m freestyle sprint and then a series of 3 x 50m freestyle sprints on 4 minute intervals with the slowest 2 competitors being eliminated after each leg. Each of the legs were swum on a handicapped start basis with Captain Mike starting as the ‘backmarker’ on each leg.

A great day was had by all and Anwar and Jen are probably still counting their money. Captain Mike thinks his must have fallen out of his envelope because there certainly wasn’t the tickets for 2 to Bali he was expecting in there, or any cash.

Click here to see videos of Anwar's Fly and Freestyle Final, as well as Jen's Fly, Freestyle Final and Freestyle event. Also Click Here to see Captain Mike swimming to victory in the 60+ Skins.

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