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Head Coach John breaks record at Maida Vale

As our one and only representative, Head Coach John Cahill showed us all how it should be done by breaking the State Short Course 1500 m Backstroke Record for the 45 to 49 Age Group with a very fast 26:15.52 swim. Well done John!

Unfortunately for John, a competitor in the same race and Age Group appears to have also broken the same record with a 22:46.54 swim! Woudn't that s... you!

Nevertheless, if John can add the 45-49 25m SC Backstroke Club Record to his collection he will have the Club 45 to 49 SC and LC Backstroke Royal Flush!

Coincidently, SC 25m Backstroke is currently the official Mandurah Mannas Mankini Challenge event, with both Kirk and Ken recently swimming PBs over this distance to in an attempt to avoid losing and having don a Mankini. This might be just the impetus John needs to break Jeff Rimmer's 16.36 record?

Click here to see the event results.

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