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2016 MSWA State Relay Dash-for-Cash Video

Undoubtedly, the most exciting event of the day was the 6x25m Dash-for-Cash with a staggering $300 prize money to go to the winning team.

We are all very proud of the Mandurah Manna team (in swimming order) of Ryan Spencer, Adam Cowie, Jennifer Rollin-Busby, Simon Lyons, Ingrid Van Der Wel and Anwar Moreno who you can see in the Video below swimming in Lane 8 (closest to the camera).

Unfortunately, Anwar just couldn't quite catch the swimmer in Lane 4; however, his swim did catch the eye of the commentators. If the race had been another 1 metre, the result would have been different. On the bright side, our team's amateur status remains intact.

Bring on next year!

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