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Mike over the moon about State Relay!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all the swimmers that participated yesterday.

Everybody from Trent Lymn, who was experiencing his first competitive swim, through to our more experience swimmers, put in fantastic efforts. You all should be very proud of your efforts.

For those who left early, we came second overall to Claremont by a mere 14 points. That’s just 2 relay wins. Bearing in mind we had no male teams in the 289 to 319 bracket, which we normally win, it was a pretty good effort.

We won the ‘Golden Groper’ trophy for the 160 – 199 age group. Again a fantastic effort from all swimmers who participated in races in that group. We only missed out on the 289 – 319 group win by 2 points showing the huge effort of ours ladies teams and mixed teams in that group. Again we only missed by a few points on the 240 – 279 age group, so a huge effort by our swimmers there too.

Four of our teams set new State Records, currently I am unsure of exactly which teams have claim to fame but I do know that our team of Pauline Wingate, Lyn McPhail, Gerda Williams and Jenny Crake were responsible for at least one with an improvement of 7 seconds on the previous record.

The inaugural ‘Sharky’ award was won by our Anwar Moreno, who impressed the Claremont girls with his efforts, particularly in the last leg of the ‘Dash for Cash’. Our super team of sprinters came a very close second of the 8 teams competing in the ‘Dash for Cash’ (see video on website Pool page).

As a team we were also very lucky yesterday to have Erica and Ingrid swim with us. Whilst they are Rockingham members, they are also Secondary Members of our club and as Rockingham didn’t swim teams yesterday we were fortunate to have them swim with us (a special thank you girls). We may not be so lucky next year if Rockingham do put teams in.

There were a big number of our team who missed out on, or rearranged other commitments in order to support the team and a special thank you to those.

With that I will stop ‘waffling on’ and look forward to seeing you all at the pool.

Pizza team after the event Anwar "Sharky" Moreno Young Gun Trophy

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