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July Birthdays!

July is one of the most popular months for Manna birthdays with 11!

First off the blocks is Stephen Wilson who celebrates with a cold one on the 2nd, followed by a triple dead heat on the 4th with Joel Lewis, Trent Lymn and Gaz Vess (Joel and Trent both celebrate one of life's milestones as they both entered the world on the same day USA celebrated its 200th anniversary since the Declaration of Independence). Next comes Jeannette Rein celebrating a big one on the 8th and Kate Gillespie on the 15th is the last with the Zodiac sign of the (Manna?) Crab. Heather Newcombe-Virgl drew the 23rd in life's raffle is the first Leo. Our "Rotto Queen" Barb Pellick will pop the cork on the 24th while on holiday in Bali with Pete. Karen Boyce on the 25th just pips Mum Pauline Wingate on the 30th. Last, but certainly not least, Richard Fox sneaks in a birthday celebration on the 31st.

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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