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NEW! Mandurah Masters Swimming WhatsApp Chat Group

Many members will already be familar with, and are possibly avid users of, WhatsApp messaging service. For those who are not, WhatsApp is a freeware, mobile or web based messaging service that allows users to send text messages, voice messages, and share images, documents, and other media within the Chat Group.

To provide a means of keeping members up-to-date with all the latest Club news, activities and all things swimming, Mandurah Masters has created the "Mandurah Masters Swimming" WhatsApp chat group.

This service is available to members on an opt-in basis; i.e. if you want to join, please let us know by sending an email to or by sending a text message to Steve F on 0414 359 402.

If you choose not to opt-in, formal Club News will continue to be available on the Club website, via links on the Mandurah Mannas Group on Facebook, and through club emails. However, we hope you come on board and dont miss out on those ad-hoc communications and conversations that may not be timely or appropriate for the wider audience the other platforms enjoy.

In addition to WhatsApp, stay tuned for news from Captain John who will soon have us of every social media platform known to man.

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