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Starts and Turns Clinic AKA Momemtum, Momemtum, Momentum

It was a group of our top pool swimmers (i.e. those who continunally strive for perfection) that attended the Starts and Turns Clinic held at MARC on Sunday afternoon 15 March. A big thank you to John and Des for sharing their expertise and all the hard work they put into organising such a worthwhile session.

The session started with lectures, videos and Q&A on the do's and dont's of starts and turns. Armed with the theory, everyone then had an opportunity to put it into practice and hone their skills in the pool.

The day concluded with the obligatory pizza and watching videos of each of the attendees expertly executing the skills that they had acquired.

All those who attended left with an indepth knowledge of the subtleties and complexities of starts and turns for the four form strokes; in particular, the nuiances of when they are combined in a medely event.

For those who couldn't attend, hopefully John's video presentation will be available online soon.

When pool meets recommence, you can expect to see fewer DQ's, some terrifc improvement in PB's and new club records resulting from some impressive starts and snappy turns.

Well done John and Des, cant wait to see what ýou have planned next!

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