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2019 State Long Course Championships Photos and Report

Competitors/Officials: Gerda, Jannie, John, Ken, Des and Magic Mike Bennett.

Mannas Supporters Club: Cathy, Kim and Helen (The good wives club!!)

Course: Long, wet and surprisingly warm!

Our 5 marvellous Mannas and 1 wonderful official represented our club with some outstanding swims with all swimmers placing a top three time in one or more individual events in their respective age categories.

Despite the consecutive days travel and an early Sunday start there was a lot of laughs, spirited support and humour enjoyed by all our swimmers, official and the good wives club - in spite of the lack of massages for the swimmers!

Gerda and Jannie were both amazing in their events and showed the youngsters how expert technique gets the job done. Both achieved a bucketful of points for the club. Ken a budding Freestyle specialist, was thrilled with his 3rd place in the 200m Freestyle. John, ever casual, nearly missed his races (pulling an Anwar) but successfully held on to the first touch by the skin of his teeth! Usually known for his backstroke results posted a PB in the 200 breaststroke. Magic Mike Bennett from Mandurah as the announcer liked to call him (I think he should keep this title) swam himself onto the records board casting aside Ivan’s 200 breaststroke record.

Big congratulations to Gerda, John and Mike who are all 2019 State Champions in their respective age categories.

Click Here to see the results.

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