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Doddi's Swim Safety - Please take a turn as Spotter

As part of our Club's Open Water Training/Swimming Policy, we should appoint a Spotter before we start our swim at Doddi's on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Specifically, our Open Water Training/Swimming Policy states:

"The Spotter will carry a whistle/air horn and patrol the beach to watch over the swimming group. If a swimmer is in need of assistance, or in the event of any other danger, the whistle/air horn will be blown and ALL swimmers must stop and exit the water, or if instructed and able, render assistance. All swimmers are expected to take a turn at being the Spotter. If practicable, the Spotter will count the number of swimmers at the start and again at the end of the swim."

Through the winter, when the water was cold we had plenty of volunteer Spotters. It would be great if this continues and we have volunteers as the weather warms up, especially as many of us are starting to clock up major k's. Our official Club swim start time is 8:00am. Note - Spotters need only be on duty from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Those swimming outside these times, should know they do so without the security of a Spotter.

Spotters should carry a horn/whistle and, most importantly, a mobile phone in case they need to call an ambulance. During the swim, the Club defibrillator is kept in the trolley with the 1st Aid Kit. To make the Spotter more visible, a high visibility shirt or vest will be left in the First Aid Bag for the Spotter to wear.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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