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Individuals and teams contemplating a Rottnest crossing next year may be interested in finding out more about the WA State Governments Shark Deterrent Rebate. Some members who are "Rotto regulars" have purchased a deterrent.

For more information you also might like to read a review conducted by consumer group Choice Do Shark Repellents Work? . This review also highlights tips provided on the Australian Shark Attack File website of ways of minimising your risk of a shark attack, namely:

  1. Always swim, dive or surf with other people.

  2. Avoid dirty or turbid water, which makes it hard to see a shark approaching.

  3. Avoid going into the water at dusk, dawn or at night, as many sharks are more active during these times of the day.

  4. Avoid swimming or surfing around river mouths, especially after rain.

  5. Don't swim with pets.

  6. Be careful wading through shallow water, particularly where kelp is about, as you may accidentally step on a wobbegong shark.

  7. Take off jewellery before entering the water. Jewellery reflects light in the same way fish scales do, and sharks can be attracted to the reflected light.

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