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Coaching Clinic Sunday 4 February

A coaching clinic is to be held on Sunday morning the 4th of Feb, from 8.30 am to approx. 10.00 am at MARC.

This session is particularly for the benefit of our pool competition swimmers and will cover Starts (both off the blocks and wall) and Turns for all competition strokes and hopefully will improve our swimmers efficiency and times in these areas and give them time to practice before the next pool comp’s are upon us.

Coach Mike has arranged for Anwar Moreno and John Cahill to assist in the session. The aim is to get some video footage of swimmers and also times (over a short distance) for different types of starts and turns.

Whilst there is also a Clinic being held at HBF Stadium later in the same day a 10.00 am finish should enable anyone attending that Clinic to get there in time.

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