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Doddi's Swim Safety

At Doddi's on Friday morning we had in interesting experience, which with winter coming on made us stop and think.

Our spotter was alerted by people on the beach madly waving their arms. It was unclear as to why they were trying to attract attention, but - correctly - the horn was sounded and the Spotter tried to attract the swimmer's attention by energetically waving all swimmers to come to shore. All but one swimmer responded and headed for the beach.

As it turned out is was a false alarm. The one swimmer who didn't hear the horn was furthest from the beach, head down and concentrating on their stroke. To avoid a repeat of this situation, it would be great if swimmers would regularly look for the spotter on the beach, which easily done while breathing to the beach side. For those, who prefer to breath to one side and who would otherwise be looking out to sea, it is a good reason to practice bilateral breathing.

To make the Spotter more visible, a high visibility shirt or vest will be left in the First Aid Bag for the Spotter to wear.

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