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From Canada with Love!

This is the latest message and some photos from Kirk who is visiting his family in Canada, makes Doddi's look quite steamy!

Hi Mandurah Swim Mates,

Have managed to make contact with Okanagan Masters and jumped in for a few training sessions. It is a much younger club in terms of age of members than the Mannas. Click Here to see the attached chart.

Accordingly, I am finding the sessions a challenge to say the least. This morning it was a 400 mixed warm up followed with 8x50 timed sprint starts with the goal to best time on the first time then try to beat it each subsequent repeat. The previous training session focused entirely on kick with a 200 m kick time-trial as a central focus for individual progress. I was realistic about my chances of finishing a 200 flutter kick and chose breaststroke instead.

Sunday the club is hosting their Halloween theme swim meet. I've entered the shortest events as I am really struggling with altitude, travel-lag, and limited training base over the past month. Otherwise like most masters clubs I am sure, the members are very welcoming and encouraging.

By the way I was talking to one fellow this morning and a group of them are still open water swimming, bare back in the lake. Temperature this week.....11C. Not sure I'd even try that with my wettie.

All the best Kirk

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