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FINA cracking down on Mankinis at upcoming Mandurah LLCC!

L to R - Ken Phillips, Rosemary Green and Rod Baker

Unofficial speed trials at Doddi's

With only one month to go before the Mandurah LLCC, rumours of the apparent speed benefits of wearing Mankinis that have been recorded during unofficial timed speed trials at Doddi's on Mankini Monday's are being treated seriously at the highest levels of swimming officialdom. Unnamed FINA sources said "We don't want this spreading to Rio and having numerous world records broken".

Ken Phillips, Masters Australia Official of the Year, has ruled categorically that any swimmers wearing Mankinis at the Mandurah LLCC will be DQ'd. Ken said " FINA Rule 4.1.1 states the wearing of the swimsuit shall not offend morality and good taste (inparticular, but not exclusively, because of the cut of the suit and body parts exposure whether covered or not)."

If any of the Club members who have ordered Mankinis in the Club colours want refunds, please see Rosemary.

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