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2016 Melville LiveLighter Club Challenge

Congratulation Mandurah Mannas, you were the "best of the rest" at the Melville Club Challenge this morning. Competing against eight other clubs, plus several swimmers from five other non-invited clubs, Mandurah came a very healthy second, probably our best result for some time. Melville romped in to win the day by a huge margin because of their excellent local representation. The club members also rallied to put on an excellent meet, a generous lunch and spot prizes that seemed would go on forever.

Here are a couple of pics to go on with, but there may be more later from others who had cameras there. Firstly we have the team (except for Jennifer Rollin-Busby, Ryan Spencer and Steve Ferguson who had to leave early), then Sue Mac about to start her 50m back, then Gerda kicking off the women's relay, then Karen taking over from her mother - they won handsomely (like two laps ahead of one team).

To see the results click here

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