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Wayne Cable

From the 60's to 70's, Wayne's brother Barry and uncle Barry (the "Barry Cable") managed swimming pools and Wayne used to get in free, hang around and do laps. His brother Barry was an endurance swimmer and friends of Shelly Taylor Smith.  Barry's passion for swimming probably was the major influence on Wayne getting into endurance swimming.


Like many Mannas, Wayne had a break from swimming for several years. He returned to swimming in 1978 as part of his rehab from a back injury. With his enjoyment of swimming rekindled, he started swimming regularly at the pool.


In 1991, he joined Somerset Masters. At Somerset he was introduced to Open Water Swimming and Wayne swam in Open Water events from Albany to Port Gregory.


At the same time Wayne was swimming at events up and down the coast, he took up scuba diving, a sport that made him even more comfortable in the water.



Wayne finishing the 2016  Busselton Jetty Swim

When Wayne moved to Mandurah he met  Graeme McAuslane who encouraged him to join Mandurah Mannas.


Wayne joined Mandurah Mannas in early 2005. Ken Phillips (who also was working at Alcoa) encouraged Wayne to get on the committee and he became Club Vice President in his second year at the club in 2007. He was Vice President again in 2008, then President in 2009 a position he held for the next six years.  In recognition of his commitment and hard work, he was awarded the “Kathy McLeod Best Club Person Award” in 2008.


He did a coaching course with Swimming WA and qualified as a junior coach. In 2008, he commenced his coaching accreditation Green Licence and became an assistant coach with the Club and has remained one of the coaching team ever since.  Wayne says, "His motivation to be a coach was to help people improve their technique and times".

Ivan Wingate  and Wayne (L to R) starting the 2011 Cambria Island Swim

Wayne’s major influence on the Club and what became a big part of its strength today, was his interest in Open Water Swimming.  The Club’s first Open Water Swim was in the Port Mandurah canals in 2004.  After two more, it was considered that maybe the amount of effort and drain on the members’ resources was not a fair return to the Club so abandoning it was a strong consideration.  Also, almost all the money we gained from sponsorships and entry fees was being paid out in prizes and to other groups helping with water safety and that was only a small return for effort for them too.   Rather than discontinuing, Wayne offered to be convenor and worked tirelessly in gaining further grants and sponsorships.  As participation was still not increasing to the levels he would have liked, Wayne then took the swim to the ocean at Henson Street, Silver Sands in 2012.  Entries improved slightly and the work load was easier for an ocean swim requiring fewer people for water safety.  In addition, through Wayne’s efforts grants and sponsorships grew enabling us to better reward our partners at the Water Rescue Group and the Mandurah Paddlers Club.


In 2014, Wayne heard that Carine Masters were relinquishing their right to the Australia Day Ocean swim which they had conducted for 24 years at Scarborough.  After negotiations with Carine, Masters Swimming WA and the City of Mandurah, the “Masters” Australia Day Ocean Swim now has its home at Doddi’s Beach, Halls Head. The inaugural event was held in 2015 and two more in 2016 and 2017. The last was the eleventh Open Water Swim convened by Wayne.

Wayne organising the 2016 Australia Day Swim

In 2010 through Wayne’s own interest in regular ocean swimming, he established a Club recognised regular Saturday morning swim at Doddi’s Beach.  Swimming at Doddi's has now expanded to four mornings a week, attracts increasing numbers and has nurtured a number of new members for the Club.  It was also a “God Send” in keeping the Club together whilst the Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre was going through a re-build.  This regular activity, which carries right throughout the year, inspired a team of Club members to swim the English Chanel in 2012.


MSWA introduced amongst its annual Awards one to recognise the tireless efforts of a long term WA Branch stalwart Perc. Edwards who passed away in 2012.  We were thrilled to learn that Wayne Cable was the inaugural winner of the “Perc. Edwards Volunteer of the Year Award” in 2013 and to make it even more special, it was presented to him by two of Perc’s children, one of whom had travelled over from Melbourne for the occasion.


In 2016, Wayne was awarded Life Membership of Mandurah Mannas for his record of active involvement in the Club and having contributed outstanding service of lasting importance to the Club. Two things Wayne excels at.


Wayne says he has been inspired by other Club members - Ken for his volunteering, Ivan's knowledge of Masters swimming and coaching, his fellow coaches and many Club members. He enjoys the Club camaraderie, friendship and social events,  as well as the way members volunteer and share of the load of organising pool and open water events. Wayne thinks much of the Club's success is due to the diversity of having both pool and open water swimmers, great coaches for both pool and open water, and the "have-a-go" spirit.

In 2016, Wayne completed a Rotto Channel Swim in a duo with Ray Reynolds.  Wayne says he didn't have a choice and after being told by his "friends" at the Club he was going do it!


Wayne says, "Swimming is not about winning, but about self improvement".  He has a passion for open water swimming. When asked about memorable swims he remembers that the Albany Swim was always a challenge people spoke about. The last Albany swim Wayne did, at the briefing before the swim, swimmers were told that a 4.5m white pointer had been caught and tagged in the harbour and may return during the swim! The following day Wayne Swam in Denmark Ocean Swim, which he remembers as a hard event. Swimming out through the surf and then around the Southern Ocean course, all the time while watching schools of salmon beneath and hoping nothing too big was chasing them!


Wayne's 2017 Rotto Solo Swim didn't go to plan, but there's always 2018 "if the mind and body is willing".

2016 Rotto Channel Swim Duo Wayne Cable (left) and Ray Reynolds

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