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Swimmer Extraordonaire

On Wednesday evening, I was fortunate to be part of the audience who had the privilege of listening to Barb Pellick tell the story of her swimming career.

Barb's swimming career started in a simpler time in the Swan River at Maylands. Her potential and talent as an age group swimmer resulted in some state titles, but she did not reach the Olympics like many of her alumni in the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. What put Barb among the elite of Australian Marathon Swimming was a passion for open water swimming ignited by her first Rottnest Channel Crossing.

If you mix talent, passion and single-minded determination (and a certain amount of naivety), there are no obstacles. Having just completed your first Rotto Crossing, why not do a double-crossing? Now let's see why not swim the English Channel? Now, why not go for the Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming?

No matter who you are, you cant do it alone. Barb's mum was by her side for a large part of her journey before Pete took over the reins (Barb responds best to loose reins).

It is interesting, having since had conversations with others who attended, how each person found inspiration from different aspects of Barb's story. How do you find the time to cook meals when working full time and swimming 120 km per week? Realising to succeed, you must want something desperately enough or Barb's ability to harness the power of positive thinking to overcome her demons and push through or merely learning to live in the moment.

Thank you, Barb - not only for sharing your story but also for your generosity in freely sharing your experience and knowledge with whoever might ask.


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