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President's Prattle - March 2021

It has been exciting to meet many of our latest members. Welcome to Renae, Kimberley, Tessa, Carly, Gabby, Jaryd and Bill. If you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting them, please introduce yourself and say hello.

The one thing Mannas have in common is - we enjoy swimming. Especially, the fun of swimming with friends and sharing the experience. While some join to train and get fit or compete in pool meets or open water swimming events, most join to swim socially. Yet often, it is not long before the swimming bug bites; you find yourself setting a goal that previously seemed unreachable and starting your swimming journey. Rest assured, whatever your swimming goals or the challenges life throws at you, your fellow Mannas will encourage and support you.

Did someone mention State Championships? No doubt Captain John has attempted to persuade you into swimming for the Club at the MSWA State Championships at MARC on 27 and 28 March. Entries close today. Thank you to everyone who has kindly offered to swim or volunteer to help. What a great team. Anyone up for a party afterwards?

Speaking of "setting a goal that previously seemed unreachable", that is precisely what many of our swimmers who have entered the upcoming Port to Pub Crossing to Rottnest have done. Good luck to all our entrants.

Nutty Nannas (236) - Jodi and Glenda

Bad Mannas (411) - Jamie, Tim, Tom and Ethan

Otherside (470) - Jane, Rhiannon, Melissa and Jack

Doddi's Dashers (623) - Brett, Greg, Wayne, Ken, Ross and Pete

Laughing Hyena's (645) - Sue J, Alexis, Helen, Cathy, Caitlin and Sue Mc

Next Saturday, we look forward to following your progress on the Port to Pub Map App and you can expect a massive welcome from the Mannas supporters when we see you touch the sand at Rotto.

Keep safe and keep swimming!



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