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President's Prattle : July 2022

A huge thanks to those who supported our Jokes Night last Saturday. The format proved a lot of fun, with jokes good and bad being bandied around the tables. When the tables chose their “champions” for the final joke-off, the cream had risen to the top. The “Statue” joke as told by Alex was a clear winner in this laugh-off. With over 50 attending (and many others supporting through the purchase of tickets) it was an evening that buzzed. The unexpected arrival of 4 talented “Ducks” (who were those beaked ladies?) before a shared supper each added to the fun.

The evening had a purpose also as we raised funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA. Alex gave a very personal insight into a syndrome she has been living with for 12 years since diagnosis. This story touched each person present. Following, Tom our ‘auctioneer extraordinaire’ then launched into selling some wonderful donations…A heated jacket, donated back to the Doddi shed (thanks Craig/Erica): car service: painting (which Greg got for a steal), electrical appliances; torch; eskies…..the list goes on, and the participants willingly parted with their money. Once again, Glenda and Wayne entered personal bidding wars on prized items??

Added to the auction were funds from Sue’s “heads and tails”, Lyn’s Raffle, Jen’s Lucky 100 raffle, and silent auction winners all swelled the coffers. While a final total is still to come, a figure well in excess of $4000 is anticipated!

Once again a big thanks to Greg and his team including Karen(who made the terrific balloon table settings among other things), Lyn, Jen, Alex, Kirk (on the mike)and others who jumped in to help.

Prior to this, on the previous weekend a team of swimmers easily took off the Riverton Club Challenge. As has been advertised before, Gerda set three new state records, and others set PBs. Well done Captain Mike in getting this bunch together.

Our next big Challenge is to get as many swimmers involved as possible for the “Groper” relay challenge on Saturday 13th August at Challenge Stadium. This is an event in which we have often placed second, but not quite yet made the pinnacle. Maybe this will be our year? Nominations are due by Thursday 4th August. To get us prepared for this and also to contribute results to the “Country Carnival” that is now a happening thing, Mike has allocated a couple of Saturday afternoon sessions to relays. The first is this Saturday at 3.30pm and the next is September 27th.

Remember each Saturday afternoon is now a chance for timed distance swims and for the next 6 weeks or so, sprint swims for the Country Carnival

It is great to see consistent numbers at the pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and despite the weather the ocean numbers are also high. We are certainly getting our fill of the fun “winter “ swims at the moment.

So keep swimming. Look after each other and remain kind!

Steve C


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