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President's Prattle - February 2021

Just when you thought you had the month of February planned around your swimming routine, things changed in a short space of time and may very well continue to do so. The only thing ‘certain’ at the moment is the notion of ‘uncertainty’. My advice is to try and stay in a routine and keep up regular exercise.

Our Doddi’s Beach Club Swims resume as of Saturday 6 February, and of course, Govt requirements still apply, i.e. mask-wearing, social distancing, and limiting groups to 20. Please don’t draw attention to the Club by not following the rules.

MARC will shortly put out their guidelines re-attendance at our training sessions next Tuesday and Thursday night. It does look like swimmers will have to pre-book their session.

On a more positive note, members who attended Barb Pellick’s presentation two weeks ago were fascinated and inspired by her story. Barb spoke from the heart as she shared her swimming journey with us. As well as Barb’s excellent presentation, it was also an opportunity for members to get together afterwards. Thank you, Barb, for driving back into Mandurah again it was much appreciated by all who attended.

Our Australia Day celebrations were well attended. All who turned up, enjoyed a fun morning. The weather was near perfect for us to participate in land and water activities. Thank you to Gerry, who went down early to get ready and to Captain John and Helen who planned and coordinated the activities. Also, thanks to Robin and Eileen who donated the many pairs of Australia Day themed thongs. I hope you are all still wearing them!

I thought the Busselton Swim would not go ahead, so I took it upon myself this week to taper right down. Big mistake! I am sure members will work together to ensure anyone who wishes to go can get there safely.

Thankfully, all scheduled swims look like they will go ahead at this stage, and I know many members will still compete, even in the changed circumstances. In the Rottnest Channel Swim, Steve F, Jack and Gary R are doing solo swims and Erica T is in a team with her Rocky friends. After that, there is the MSWA State Open Water Swim and the Coogee Jetty to Jetty swim, both in early March. The last open water swim event is the Port to Pub on 20 March. The MSWA State Open Water Swim is being held again at Mullaloo Beach on Monday 1 March. The State Championship swim is over 1600 m distance, and there is a 3200 m swim as well.

On the pool front, we have the Newman Churchlands LLCC on 21 February and Melville LLCC on 14 March. Entering these events is ideal for preparing yourself for the MSWA State Championships at MARC on the 27 and 28 March.

It would be great to see a large Mannas Team compete in both the Open Water State Swim and the Pool State Swim.

We are sure that our Annual General Meeting will go ahead, and we need as many members, as possible, to attend at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 24 February in the MARC club rooms.

Keep on swimming and don’t let the stingers get the better of you!



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