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Club Service Award

One of the Club's Annual Awards is the "Service Award", which is made to a member who has given outstanding service to the Club. For 2020, Hazel Cockram is the deserving recipient.

Hazel is in her fifth year as the Club Registrar. Much of Hazel's work is behind the scenes and essential to our Club's smooth running. She endeavours to make time to meet and welcome each new member to the Club. She has kept up to date with the changes to the role over the years. As you can imagine, with any membership registration process, there are sometimes issues, which Hazel does a great job at sorting out.

From 2018, Hazel was a vital member of the Mandurah Australia Day Swim Committee. She organised all the prizes, promotional material and the fantastic Mandurah Australia Day Swim T-Shirts. On top of that, Hazel coordinated the Registration and Timekeeping process for the event. The time and attention to detail Hazel put into the role was outstanding. She checked and double-checked everything, ensuring there were no problems on the day.

Last year, Hazel was of great assistance to the succesful running of the Country Correspondence Carnival. Once again, the Club greatly benefited from her hard work, planning and organising skills.

Hazel is a deserving winner who continues to work hard for the Club and help out at Club events whenever possible.

Congratulations and thank you Hazel


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