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Busselton Jetty Swim : 2022

WOW ! What a Busso 2022. The Busselton Jetty Swim 2022 must have been one of the best ever supported by our Club. It was of course the greatest number they’ve had with over 2500 swimmers registered to start in the three events. Weather was excellent except that the slight breeze the landlubbers were enjoying, was not so good for the swimmers – roughing up the surface a bit, making it tough going out then pushing many away from the jetty on the way back. Nonetheless, all our swimmers survived.

Club photographer Ivan, with his “teller” Paul, scored a prime position at the finish line – with full determination to capture for posterity a nice pic of every one of our swimmers as they came in. Sadly, we didn’t quite achieve that for various reason, so to those who missed out we apologise.

Another highlight of the weekend - Mandurah Mannas had three Age Group winners: Steve Ferguson, Kirk Bamford and Pauline Wingate.


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