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Bonza Night at Fisho'rama

The social team decided to kick start the 2021 social calendar with a friendly Fisho'rama at Roberts Point - Doddi's Beach, Halls Head. Many wonderful Mannas dressed in green 'for the day that was in it', some worthy mentions include Marta, Deb Bloor, Sue Mc, Erica and Wayne H. For many, March 17th will be remembered for giving us Mannas some wonderful funny moments. So, what does a Mannas Fisho'rama look like? Here are some of the many highlights;

  • Erica found herself a Merman

  • Ken got Lucky

  • Deb Brown had the most dramatic catch

  • Wayne snagged a very sad stingray

  • Bonnie, Finnegan and Freda ran amuck

  • An impressive dolphin show (especially ordered for the event)

  • Evening sunset with hot fish and chips, washed down with a couple of bevy's

  • Dessert of Bailey's choc truffles

New to the competitive side of fishing, judges Glenda and Helen quickly discovered that not only can our members swim like fish, they can also call themselves 'fishing enthusiasts'.

Paul Frost, Craig, Wayne H, Ken, Glenda, Deb Br, and Greg got straight down to business and got their fishing lines and bait straight into the ocean under the watchful eyes of a noisy, wine drinking, spectator gallery. Craig found himself in uncharted waters as he took a dip to save his hook. It wasn't long before Ken caught a whiting, much to the disbelief of his fellow competitors. Within minutes Ken's second catch drew huge applause from the gallery. Oops, is that another catch by Ken! Yes indeed, Ken had a trifecta (maybe had a little help from the lovely Cathy), great job!

The spectators started to get hungry so a quick spin to local for some yummy fish and chips was undertaken which allowed everyone on the beach a little time to pack up and bring their chairs up the grass area and wait for 'prize giving ceremony'. But wait, at the last minute experienced fisherman Wayne H, caught himself a stingray. Which I am happy to announce was released safely but had to have his photo taken, so the judges could be provided proof of this amazing catch.

Thanks to Ivan for some memorable photos. Thanks Sue Mc for being so creative with the winners prize.

Thank you everyone for a lovely fun filled evening :-)

Go Team Mannas


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