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A Killer Night

Like many other nights of revelry, this night of revelry was enjoyed by a group of sophisticates, artists and hoodlums …. until things went horribly wrong.

It was the night of Friday 16th April, at The Star Club (Deb and Paul’s new home), a large group of swanky flappers, bootleggers, and gangsters enjoyed a night of mystery and intrigue. The dimly light Star Club was filled with the sounds of Jazz, and an abundance of 1920’s memorabilia, set up by our wonderful hosts.

As the canapes and cocktails flowed, conversations grew louder, but the discovery of the body of Felix (Steve C) left the guests in shock and nervous that the cops would turn up. A private investigation took place, and everyone was a suspect. A scavenger hunt for seven clues pursued, and the guests were given a chance to examine and review them. The ensuing interrogation gave guests an opportunity to discuss their knowledge, ask questions of one another, level accusations and make their defences. It was quickly apparent that there were only four viable suspects. Duke (Gary B), Edgar (Guy), Judith (Ann D) and Edith (Deb Br).

In the end, everyone had the opportunity to cast a vote for who they thought the killer was. This raucous group voted on Edgar as the killer, and they were correct.

What a troupe of misfits our wonderful Mannas are.

Thank you, Deb and Paul, and everyone for an awesome night of fun and friendship.

Go Mannas


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