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2021 Cut to Club Swim Results

The popularity of this event continues to grow. This year 41 Mannas entered the 3.5 km swim, 2 entered the 2.25 km swim and 1 entered the 3.5 km Malibu Board race, a total of 44 superbly fit athletes. Of the 44, 39 started.

Conditions this year were similar at the estuary start and thankfully more benign in the ocean. The swimmers started in the estuary on the south side of the Cut, swimming initially east in choppy water to round the breakwater before turning 180 deg to the west to enjoy being swept down the cut and out into what was relatively calm ocean conditions. Once out in the ocean, swimmers turned south for 700 m until reaching the final turning buoy and then heading east to the finish line on the beach in front of the Port Bouvard Surf Club.

This year's swim times were amazing, surely only in part due to the strong outgoing tide through The Cut? Evergreen Sue J was the first Manna out of the water in the 3.5 km swim in a blistering fast 10:31 min/km pace. Roz had the same honour in the 2.25 km swim. Special mention must go to the "old man" in the field Captain John, for a very credible 2nd place in the 3.5 km Malibu Board race.

The rumour on the beach was - next year's Doddi's Dash Handicaps will be based on your C2C pace, which will be quite challenging for Captain John given his 6:39 min/km pace!

While everyone deserves a pat on the back for their efforts, we are always very proud of our age group winners, this year they were: Sue J, Steve F, Rhiannon, Anne-Marie, our amazing Pauline and Capt. John. Also, a special mention must go to Vern for taking on his most challenging open water swim yet only to collapse on the finish line. And what about new member Kevin's fantastic effort of competing in his first open water swim six months after being only able to swim a few strokes. Well done everyone!

Thank you to Port Bouvard Surf Life Saving Club for organising such a fun and friendly event.

The sub-set of Mandurah results are shown below, except for the Malibu Board Results which show the complete field to emphasize Capt. John's great result. To see the full results, you can follow the link to the Bluechip Results Page

Another post will be published shortly with the great photos Ivan took of the day.

2.25 km Swim Results

3.5 km Swim Results

3.5 km Malibu Board Results


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