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2019 Doddi's Dash - Preliminary Handicaps

After checking their bank accounts for any last minute inducements, Handicappers Barb and Steve sat down to knock the handicaps into shape for the field running in this Saturday's 2019 Doddi's Dash.

At this stage the handicaps are very fluid, so it is not to late to invest in a better position. Anyone unhappy about their handicap, as per the Club Constitution, please put any complaints in writing (in triplicate) and send to the Club's Complaint Officer, which we have yet to appoint.

If you want to swim and your name is missing, don't worry, late entries and bribes will be accepted on the day. Similarly, if you haven't already paid your $10 entry fee for entering either: the fashion parade, or Doddi's Dash please pay when you register between 8:30 and 9:00am.

See you on there!

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