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2019 Country Correspondence Carnival - Relays

Due to popular demand the relay events for the 2019 Country Correspondence Carnival have been arranged for Sunday 29th September from 9am to 11am @ MARC indoor pool.

In summary

Each swimmer may compete in 4 relays but only once in each relay event. Teams will be decided on the Sunday morning. This event is open to all Manna members (if you have not yet swum in this carnival - all you have to do is swim a timed 25m in any stroke on the morning to be eligible). Cost $2 plus your usual pool entry.

Event 28: 4 x 50m Relay Mixed Freestyle

Event 29: 4 x 50m Relay Mixed Medley

Event 30: 4 x 50m Relay Men’s Freestyle

Event 31: 4 x 50m Relay Women’s Freestyle

Event 32: 4 x 50m Relay Men’s Medley

Event 33: 4 x 50m Relay Women’s Medley

No need to pre-register. Just show up and have some fun!

Why not stay back after and enjoy a coffee/tea and bring some food to share after.

Go Team!

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