2019 Croatia - Blog 4

The day started with a bit of drama. Several of us had picked up colds and coughs. In Perth, they would have kept us out of the water, but not here. We weren’t going to miss out on any swimming, so each of us battled on. However, overnight Marta’s condition had got significantly worse. In the morning, without a doctor on the island, she needed to go to Sibenik and ended up being taken by Naval Patrol boat and Ambulance to hospital.

Craig kindly volunteered to accompany her. Craig said the Ambo and Naval medical staff were amazing and so helpful. At the hospital, after a serious of thorough tests, she was diagnosed with early-stage pneumonia. Doctors prescribed antibiotics and another meds and allowed her to return to Prvic, much to our and Marta’s relief. Craig couldn’t speak more highly of the professional treatment and assistance they had received. Thank you Craig for sacrificing your day to help Marta.

Back on the water we headed west, in ideal conditions, for a series of short island to island crossings. The Pink ladies took pity on Steve’s plight in the all girl group and went “butch” for the day. Unbeknownst to Steve, they had turned themselves from the Pink ladies into the Pink Lads, complete with moustaches, beards and bulges. The group now compromised: Bob, Jack, Harry, Larry, Barry and Steve. Wee stops were now slash stops and the conversation interrupted by the occasional burp and fart - not all of which was new. Thank you girls for being so thoughtful.

Our first swim started with a crossing between two uninhabited islands, from Majak Veli to Rava. Then across to and around the very small island of Ravna Sika. From there it was back across to and a coastal swim clockwise around Rava. The last leg was a short crossing to Politenica. All in all a very pleasant 3.8km swim.

Back on the boat, we motored to a protected bay and disembarked to enjoy a short walk, coffee or soft drinks at a secluded restaurant called 7th Heaven and it was! Each day has been a little hotter, with today in the mid-thirties. Not surprisingly, several of the girls, or should I say blokes, opted to swim back out to the boat moored in the bay rather than the short ferry in a zodiac.

We then travelled a short distance to a beautiful sheltered bay off the island of Kayan. We found a mooring buoy close to another boat belonging to a couple attempting to get an all over tan. Our presence obviously annoyed them and they soon pulled anchor and left us to enjoy lunch on the boat. After lunch, Kres (correct spelling) and Simon enjoyed some free-diving amongst a school of fish that had been attracted to some bread in the water.

Our afternoon swim was amazing. The wind had picked up and was blowing about 20+ knots from the northwest. The east coast and bays of the adjacent island of Kaprije offered some sheltered flat water mixed with some downwind swimming. Now that we swam in two groups, Simon joined us in the water for each swim. This afternoon he donned flippers an