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2019 Crete - Swim Day 3 - Blog 6

The hotel has kindly swapped the cold meat, cheese, fried egg and bread for yogurt, muesli and honey. The change has been well received as it is more what we are accustomed to eating.

The morning briefing was at 9:30 am. Today’s plan was to motor west to Ayios Vasilos for a 3 km Swim to Marmara Beach. We will have lunch at the remote Likos Bay in the tranquil Giorgio’s House Taverna. Due to the strong winds forecast in the afternoon, we will start where we left off near Marmara Beach and hug the coast in Likos Bay. At the start of the 1.5 km swim we will explore the impressive marble caves with their azure hues in crystal clear water.

The weather for the morning’s swim was sensational and so was the coastline. Everyone is becoming more acclimatised to the water temperature and doing what they need to cope by wearing wetsuits, adjusting the length of their time in the water or stopping less. The caves along this stretch of coastline are amazing, but tend to be extremely cold as often they are the source of spring water.

The food at lunch is always a highlight, as is the complimentary Raki chasers. For the afternoon swim the wind had picked up as predicted. We appreciated the shortened course and swimming downwind instead of into the growing chop.

Those carrying injuries from the day before all remarked how the cold water had helped their recovery or maybe the cold just numbed the pain.

The venue for 6:00 pm drinks was changed to the patio in front of Paul and Deb’s room. There is nothing better than relaxing with each other at the end of day. Sharing stories of our adventures and of course the anticipation leading up to the presentation of the Big Blue Award.

Jenny, yesterday’s winner, could not go past the fashion statement Steve F made that day in his new Drag Shorts. The Drag Shorts are made of fish net sort of material, so of course everyone wanted to know if he would be wearing fish net stockings tomorrow. The honour of winning the award was not lost on Steve; although, it was necessary to rip the costume a little to get it to “fit” - sort of.

Drinks were followed by Steve parading up and down the main cafe strip in the Big Blue outfit complete with entourage of so called friends heckling and making inappropriate comments. We all enjoyed a late dinner and lots more frivolity before retiring exhausted and a little under the weather.

To be continued...

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