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June Birthdays!

We are wishing Happy Birthday to a group of nine above average Mannas in June. I am sure they are above average in many ways, but they may not be keen on knowing their average age is 62.2 versus the club average of 60.6.

Just remember:

"You are what you are and that's a great thing to be!"

First to celebrate birthday for June is Brendan on the 2nd. Tim will blow out his candles on the 10th. Erica T will host a party on the new patio on the 11th - everyone's welcome. Mike breaks a new record on the 12th. Terri is celebrating on the 14th. Hopefully, Colleen brings a cake on the 15th. No doubt, Paul F will have huge day on the 24th. Jenny N notches up another year on the 26th and, last but not least, Robert J sneaks in before the end of the financial year on the 29th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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