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April Birthdays!

A total of eight Mannas celebrate birthdays in April. Interestingly, their average age is very representative of the club as a whole.

Just remember:

"Try not to let your broad mind and narrow waist trade places!"

First birthday for April is one of our national representatives - Alexis - on the 8th. Next off the blocks is one of the 2020 Dodgy Bros Rotto Team in Greg, who kindly brought cake last weekend as he will be celebrating on the day at Shark Bay. Our lovely Tess is next on the 13th. If there is anything left of Marta by then, she will celebrate on Good Friday. To avoid the same fate as Tonka, Peter will be well-behaved and not go too hard too early on the 20th. Hazel can officially retire on the Easter Monday. Helen will enjoy the crack on the 23rd, ready to set some big goals for 2020! Melissa will celebrate putting together a very tidy half-century on the 25th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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