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December Birthdays!

There is a little more of everyone in the club after 16 birthday cakes in November. Unfortunately, there is no reprieve in December with a further 11 birthdays.

Well done to Ken, Robin, Narelle, Sarah and Des who all celebrate significant milestones; i.e. end in 0 or 5.

Just remember:

"Take heart, because old age is always 10 years older than you are!"

To kick off celebrations, we have the duo of Ken and Robin celebrating on the the 6th. Next is another duo, with Narelle and Vern blowing out candles on the 10th. Tracey will be opening presents on the 15th and Janet no doubt will have the fire brigade's number handy on the 17th. The third birthday duo celebrating this month is Sarah and Eileen on the 21st. Where's Wally look alike Michelle will pop a cork or two on the 23rd. The penultimate birthday for the month and year is Jay on the 28th. Last but not least is Des on the 29th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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