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Congratulations Rotto Qualifiers

Congratulations to swimmers: Wendy , Guy, Glenda, Erica and Steve, who (with the help of their paddlers) all easily qualified for Rottnest Crossing Solos by completing 10km in under 4 hours 15 minutes at Swimming WA's Round 3 event at Coogee Beach on Saturday morning. They will join soloist Barb, Sue J, Jodie and Rebekah on the beach at Cottosloe on 23 Feb 2019.

Mandurah Masters was also well represented at Coogee by:

  • Rebekah in the 10km swim;

  • Rotto team swimmers in the 2.5km swim, including: Colleen, Paul and Joel; and

  • Ingrid and Alexis who swam in the 2.5km swim, but are not swimming to Rotto next year.

In ideal conditions, everyone had a great swim. However, despite the boys swimming well, the Manna girls starred yet again:

  • Ingrid was 2nd in her age group in the 2.5km swim in 37:39.7

  • Rebekah was 1st in her age group in the 10km swim in a blistering 2:12:09.2

  • Erica, Wendy and Glenda were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their age group in the 10km swim in 3:08:57.2, 3:15:59.9 and 3:40:06.0, respectively.

Special thanks to the Mannas and friends who swam in the 2.5km swim, then waited for several hours to cheer home the 10km swimmers.

Click Here to see a summary of the overall results.

A summary of the age group results can be found Here.

The next opportunity for the boys to make amends is Round 2 of the Wowswims - Freo Ports Swim Thru on 8 December, Click Here for more details.

See you at the start line!

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