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2018 Fremantle LLCC Report & Results

Despite there only be 13 healthy and happy swimmers representing the club on Sunday, we came 4th. There was only about 10 points between us and 2nd place. The host club Fremantle won by a clear 100 points.

Three swimmers in Gerda Williams, Pauline Wingate and Mike Bennett won all three of their events. Shane McRedmond won two of his events. Whilst Rosemary Green, Kirk Bamford and Deborah Bloor each won one event.

No state records were set but everyone gave it their all.

Unfortunately, the Freestyle Relays were cancelled due to time constraints, but our two mixed medley teams both won their events with the 240-279 team beating Claremont into second place.

The weather was great and the team in high spirits giving each other lots of encouragement. Head Coach Mike thinks he may have discovered a new coaching stratagem. Take a 5 week holiday, and just do 1 weeks training before the event.

Congratulations and well done to all thirteen swimmers, who all agreed it was a very enjoyable meet.

Click Here to view the results.

Thanks to Ivan for the great photos and Deb Bloor for the terrific report.

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