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Doddi's Security

Unfortunately, a member's car was broken into in the Doddi's Beach car park on Saturday morning; apparently, shortly after they arrived and before we had moved down on to the beach. To make matters worse, another member suspects someone removed loose change from the bag they left on the beach during the swim.

To help mitigate the risk of this happening again, members might like to:

  1. Park in the car park directly in front of Dome (on the west side of change rooms) because vehicles in this car park are in full view of Dome patrons.

  2. During the swim, leave their bag/keys in the Club Storeroom, which will be locked during the time the main group swim. However, if you are starting or finishing your swim at different times from the main group, please ensure you will be able to gain access to the Storeroom when you finish your swim before leaving your bag in the Storeroom.

Obviously, hide any valuables left in your vehicle, as well as remember to close your windows and lock your vehicle before you leave.

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