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Rod's Beachside Farewell

This morning a large contingent of Mannas and friends assembled at Doddi's for a Beachside farewell to our dear friend Rod, in a manner that is sure to become a club tradition.

President Deb lead us to the calm side of the groyne, where we entered the water and linked arms to form a large circle before observing a short silence, scattering petals on the water and belting out a resounding three cheers to a life well lived!

It was compulsory for those up for a swim that they round the yellow buoy off the end of the groyne at the end of each lap, as Rod always did. Some swimmers commented on poignant moments when they swam through floating petals, which had drifted out on to the course (maybe under the guidance of Rod watching from above).

Many members made an extra special effort to take part in this swim, including some faces rarely seen in salt water (especially this time of year).

In what also is becoming a club tradition, Rod's name magnet will be left permanently in the Swim column on the Swimmers Board, just below Ken Phillips.

Back on shore, everyone showered, changed and assembled under the shade of the "Clubroom Tree". Kirk lead everyone in singing the Manna's song. Something Rod would have loved to be part of.

Thank you Ivan and Narelle for the photos.

RIP Rod Baker

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