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2018 Country Correspondence Carnival - Day 2

As Ivan's photo shows, our second Country Correspondence Meet held this morning was, like the first Meet two weeks ago, a great success.

The opportunity to race alongside your friends in an encouraging and familiar environment has proven popular with a wide section of the club. Significantly, it is great to see many of you who do not regular swim a interclub meets enjoying yourselves. It is not too late for those who would like to give it try, as we have two more Sunday Meets in the outdoor 50m pool on the 2nd and 30th of September. The latter being a Relay Day!

Click here for more details.

Click here to enter. Otherwise, please email Captain Jen ( if you wish to swim, or if it is a last minute decision, please rock up and we will fit you in somehow.

You will need to pay $2 lane hire fee for each day you participate. Times for events 400m or longer contribute toward your Vorgee Swims. It would be great for a few volunteers to help on each day with timekeeping and please stay for a coffee afterwards. And if you feel so inclined, bring a plate to share.

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