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August Birthdays!

Ten Mannas with a combined age of 642 have birthdays this month. Nine have the honour of sharing their birth month with our own World Champion and Club Legend - Rod Baker, who turns 90 on the 8th of August. Well done Rod!

Thus, it is appropriate that the birthday advice for this month comes from Rod:

"Swimming is just a matter of breathing in, breathing out, relaxing arms and legs"

In the first 10 days of August, the birthdays come thick and fast. David couldn't get their sooner than on the 1st, FIFO George flies in on the 3rd, and Garrick is next on the 4th. Missing In Action Coach John will be forgiven for getting ossified on the 5th, while a day later Owen will blow out the candles on the 6th. On the 8th, Rod will celebrate turning 90 with all his family. Forever chasing Rod is Wayne C who is a close second on the 9th. Trica C should get things the right way round on the Eenth. Life Member Gerry will no doubt knock the top off a couple on the 17th. Last but never least, Pres. Deb will bide her time before letting her hair down on the 30th.

Happy birthday everyone and a special happy birthday to Rod!

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