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25th Silver Anniversary Night of Nights!

The Gala Club 25th Anniversary dinner held on on Friday night 8 June was in every way the highlight of this year's social calendar (so far!). Approximately 50 "A" list Mandurah Masters members adorned in their best silver bling were met on arrival by a jostling pack of paparazzi.

Pre-dinner cocktails and hors d'oeuvres gave newer members an opportunity to mingle, chat and be seen with Club celebrities. During this time, members cast their vote for Belle and Beau of the Ball; i.e. best theme dressed male and female.

It wasn't long before the call came to take your seats for the evening meal. The experienced open water swimmers rushed to get a seat as close as possible to the food tables. Tables were called in order from open water swimmers to 25m sprinters to select from a veritable smorgasbord of several hundred casseroles. As you would expect at a gathering of finely-tuned athletes where food is involved, restraint was not the order of the day. The competitive spirit rose to the fore with ever taller mountainous plates of food being carefully lugged back to tables for devouring. Yet even our best efforts didn't make much of dent in the bonanza of casseroles.

After dinner speeches from inaugural President Gerry, current President Deb and Masters Oracle Ivan reminded us of how, from inauspicious beginnings, the founding Manna spirit of fun, friendship and volunteering has grown through the intervening 25 years to come to define the character of our Club. Five of our ten past and present presidents then had the honour of cutting the 25th Annivesary Cake.

Belle and Beau of the ball went to Sue J. and Paul J. whose dazzling outfits reflected that they obviously got to the Op Shops early. In contrast, runners up Sue Mc and Steve F went with exclusive couture outfits.

As the photos show, the highlight of the evening was the entertainment. Social Organiser Glenda managed to book 3 top acts; the amazing Doddi's "unsynchronised" swimmers, the eloquent orator Erica Spooner, and a senior "Sister Act" tribute group complete with new Club Mascot. Each act had the audience in hysterics with laughter. Between acts the audience was entertained by games. Well done all!

As the evening drew to a close, many relaxed with coffee and their choice from an amazing selection of sweets, while others took to the dance floor to strut their stuff before all being thrown out prior to the bewitching hour.

Yet again a big thank you goes to Glenda and her team of helpers, Zonta for loaning us decorations, Ivan (& Ray) for the photos, and Steve C for being the MC for the evening, not forgetting all those who pitched in to help set up and clean up.

Click Here to view a selection of club photos from 25 Years of Mandurah Mannas.

Don't forget our next social event - Gloucester Park on the 22nd of June!

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