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Cott Beach is the toast of the town!

Friday night saw most of the "Cott Beach Supporters Club" assemble at the Mandurah Train Station appropriately dressed and accessorised in Cott Beach Racing Colours - Red and Black.

The 4:00 pm train took us to the Perth Underground, where it was a quick walk to the Red and Black Cat Bus stop on Wellington St and the short trip to Gloucester Park.

Outside the ticket box, in front of Gloucester Park, a flurry of Seniors cards were produced from up sleeves and under tables with a slight of hand that only comes from years of experience. After a quick frisking by security (some going back for seconds) we were in the ground. Race 1 (from Gate to Bar) commenced with Quinella favourites Wayne & Glenda streaking the field.

At the bar we were soon joined by the remainder of the Supporters and as the photos show, few chose to wisely pace themselves rather most opting to just dive in and go hard right off the blocks.

Sue Mc soon made a nuisance of herself at the TAB window, financed by a substantial cache of money supposedly left over from last year's Busselton Jetty Swim ..... (Note to new Treasurer - check the books from last year!)

We decided to have our meal before the Race. Barb had pre-booked two large tables at Steelos Restaurant, where the serves are good value, generous and filling without the any of fussiness and pizazz associated with TV Chef shows.

Cott Beach was racing in Race 6 the WA Oaks for 3yr Old Fillies at 7:40pm, the second of the two feature races for the evening. This meant Wayne C was limited to single figures in the number courses he could fit in before we moved back outside to gain the best vantage point; i.e. close to the bar and finish line.

Well Pete and Barb's girl didn't let us down! She made the best of a less than ideal start, trailing the field in 2nd last place for two laps before showing her class in a barn storming finish over the last 400m. She moved from the back of the field prior to the bell. Around the field 4 wide, only to be pipped at the post finishing a very respectable 3rd, beaten by horses who (fortunately for them) had much easier journeys.

Please Click Here to watch the video of the Race and share in the excitement of the night! Note: Cott Beach is number 12 and started from the 2nd line. Nathan, her driver, is wearing the red silk shirt with the black circle.

When the yelling and cheering subsided, "Winners are Grinners" and it was hugs and smiles all round. Pete ran off to kiss Cott Beach, forgetting to kiss Barb first. Barb kindly invited us all to the Birdcage, where we were able to mingle with the horses (watching where we stepped) and take selfies with Cott Beach. She is an absolute darling and stood quietly lapping up all the attention.

Thank you to Cott Beach. Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Perth. An a big Thank you to Glenda, Barb and Pete for organising another great social night for our Club. We cant wait until the next big race.

PS. If you have spare, Sue Mc is looking to buy a bigger safe for all her winnings.

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