Cott Beach is the toast of the town!

Friday night saw most of the "Cott Beach Supporters Club" assemble at the Mandurah Train Station appropriately dressed and accessorised in Cott Beach Racing Colours - Red and Black.

The 4:00 pm train took us to the Perth Underground, where it was a quick walk to the Red and Black Cat Bus stop on Wellington St and the short trip to Gloucester Park.

Outside the ticket box, in front of Gloucester Park, a flurry of Seniors cards were produced from up sleeves and under tables with a slight of hand that only comes from years of experience. After a quick frisking by security (some going back for seconds) we were in the ground. Race 1 (from Gate to Bar) commenced with Quinella favourites Wayne & Glenda streaking the field.

At the bar we were soon joined by the remainder of the Supporters and as the photos show, few chose to wisely pace themselves rather most opting to just dive in and go