2018 MSA Nationals Report Results

(Thanks to Ivan and Des for the photos)

You may have heard about a recent event, where not just our fine state, but all of our blessed country states came together to compete in the 2018 Masters National Swimming Competition, a.k.a. N18. The competition was fierce but our Manna's put on a good show.

Over the extensive 4 day meet, we saw heaps of fine swimming and medals! (considering medals are not a common occurrence in Masters swimming). The most decorated swimmer with 7 Gold medals and 1 Silver was Gerda Williams in the 75-79 Female age group. Our second most decorated was me, Jennifer Rollin-Busby with 5 Silver and 3 Bronze in the 35-39 Female age group, followed by Cara Viljoen with 3 Gold and 2 Silver in the 18-24 Female age group. Clearly, we have a strong Female Manna contingency. The Male side of the competition was strong, with many coming over from the Eastern States to dominate and place alongside well seasoned WA competitors.

The team enjoyed making new friends and seeing old friends too. The majority of time out of the pool was spent reminiscing about previous Master National Competitions circa 1960 something. And for those not born yet, how much training or lack thereof was thoroughly considered pre and post swim.

When it came down to the individuals, here is my thoughtful insight:

Simon Lyons sampled everything from the Cafe prior to doing exceptionally well in all his swims with little to no training, but what else is new?

Anwar Moreno is considering more holidays and less training after this National experience, or is it the other way around?

Ken Isbister was pleased he didn't get run over by a boat or zapped with a shark deterrent.

Ivan Wingate, master of the Fly, swam in three individual events earned a Gold and two Silver, all in State record times.

Gerda Williams showed why she is the best, swimming like a pro, smashing her competition.

Mike Bennett entered only 2 events and thanks God he edged out his opponents in his pet event, 50 Breaststroke, to secure a Bronze medal.

John Cahill entered 12 events and swum 8, that's two out of three - ain't bad John!

Cara Viljoen stuck to the sprint events, while her sister Tessa was strickly freestyle, with mum Christine working behind the scene officiating and, getting Tessa to her other event in Scarborough at the Aussies (surf lifesaving Nationals).