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Binningup Camping Weekend Report

Our first Club social event for 2018 was a Camping Weekend at Binningup Beach Caravan Park (BBCP), which picked up where we left off last year and was a huge success. So much so another weekend is in the planning.

Let me start by debunking any thoughts that this was a man/woman vs nature, living off the land and shitting in the woods "Russell Coight All Aussie Adventure". As was appropriate, Pres. Deb booked the Presidential Suite at the BBCP for herself and her entourage, complete with 3 bedrooms, kitchen and large flat screen TV, which came handy for watching the footy. This also proved the perfect venue for Saturday night's dinner of Roast Lamb and veggies for main course and Pavlova for sweets.

From the salubrious Presidential Suite at the top end, the full spectrum of camping accommodation was on display, with: Paul, Deb and Lilly in their caravan; Ken and Cathy in their brand spanking new "hamburger with the lot" camper trailer; Ann, Steve and Bonnie in a two room tent; Erica and Craig in a brand new "summer" tent; and Linda also in her brand new "husbandless" tent.

The weekend had actually started on Friday afternoon, when the Presidential cavalcade left Mandurah to get there early and scope out the facilities and beach. More happy campers followed, in dribs and drabs, during Friday afternoon and evening, with a few arriving late on Friday night and risking setting up in the dark.

Linda arrived on Saturday morning just in time to join the team for a swim at Binningup Beach. Nine swimmers hit the water, following a shortened course between fisherman, leaving one person and two dogs spotting on the beach. Of course, in true Mannas' tradition, after the swim, we all met for coffee at the BBCP Cafe. Jodie arrived with her grandson to join us and spend the day. After coffee, everyone did their own thing, including: picnic lunches, walks, bike rides, relaxing and going to the bottleshop to restock fast depleting supplies.

The Dockers on TV at 2:30pm provided the impetus for us all to assemble at the "Games Shed", where the photos above were taken. Erica and Craig arrived from Rockingham to bring the contingent to 16 (incl. grandchildren and dogs). Interest in the footy quickly waned only to be supplanted by keen competition on the Pool and Tennis Tables, as well as copious amounts of laughter, drinks and nibbles outside while we waited for the Roast to cook back at the Presidential Suite.

Saturday night's magnificent dinner was followed by very raucous and funny games of "Heads Up" organised by Erica and Craig and a good win to the Eagles.

Saturday night obviously took its toll. Sunday morning saw a smaller hard core group swimming and an abundance of spotters, despite the better conditions. Of course, the after-swim coffee was well attended, before everyone begrudgingly returned to start packing up for the trip home.

Well done Glenda for organising another successful social event and thank you to everyone who came along to make it such a great weekend.

Don't forget the next social event is the gathering of the "Cott Beach Supporters Club" at Gloucester Park on Friday night 4 May. See you there!

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