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2018 Club Challenge Swim Points at the halfway mark

Thanks to Recorder Helen for providing the progressive swim points, after the first two of a total of four meets, that go toward the 2018 Club Challenge Swim Award to be presented at next year's AGM.

The Club Challenge Swim Award recognises the two swimmers with the highest aggregate of swim points attained at Challenge swim events. In 2018, the events from which points will be included are the: Mandurah LLCC, Melville LLCC, Stadium LLCC and Fremantle LLCC. For each event, swimmers earn 4 points for a 1st place in their Gender Age Group, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 for third and 1 point thereafter.

After the Mandurah and Melville LLCC's, 37 swimmers have scored points. Joint leaders are last year's runner-up Head Coach Mike who is neck-and-neck with Anwar and Gerda - all on 24 points. Last year's winner Pauline is just one point behind on 23 points. The leaders are closely followed by a large pack of swimmers who, with good performances at the last two meets, are all still in the running.

More points are up for grabs at the Stadium Masters LLCC on 20 May. Let's try for a large turn out of Mandurah swimmers at this meet.

Good luck to all those swimming at the Nationals!

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