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April Birthdays!

To those having birthdays this month, you might like to go with:

"I am not getting old, I am getting better."

Low and behold 8 Mannas have decided to have birthdays this month. First off the blocks is (was) non-other than Anwar on the 1st (who in life's 50m sprint hasn't surfaced yet). Greg celebrates on the 12th, closely followed by Tess on the Friday 13th (stay away from black cats!). Marta leads a pack on the 19th, with Pete drafting closely behind on the 20th, Hazel is in the mix on the 22nd (making it a big month for the Cockram's) and Helen is back into the Baileys on the 23rd. Darcey is the back marker this month, celebrating on the 29th.

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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