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2018 Port to Pub

Sorry for not posting the news from the Port to Pub sooner, but I was probably still in shock!

What a day for a quiet little swim to Rotto!

To put things into perspective and give you an idea of conditions:

Click Here to read a blog and watch a short video from international swimmer who competed in the 25 km Ultra-marathon swim.

Click Here to listen to Paul Newsome's commentary on a video of top swimmer Brad Smith tackling the Port to Pub.

Click Here to read Barb Pellick's take on the day.

It was great that everyone not only started but were swimming so well in extremely tough conditions, especially the solo swimmers: Barb, Glenda and Wendy. Nearly everyone had covered between 7 to 8 km before the race was abandoned. Glenda's 7.5km together with her (sharked out) 12.5km three weeks before definitely qualifies as a full crossing!

No doubt the heroes of the day were the paddlers, skippers and their crews. The swimmers cant thank you enough for your unwavering support, in what was atrocious conditions.

The general consensus is that everyone (except those on a boat or paddling) actually enjoyed the challenge and gained valuable experience. Bring on 2019!!

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