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President's Prattle - March 2018

Let me start by saying how proud I am to be President of such a vibrant and enthusiastic club. The 2018 new committee met recently and I was very impressed by the commitment and energy displayed by all. I have been a member since 1995 so look forward to giving back to a club that has given me many opportunities over the years.

New to the committee this year are Joel Lewis (Vice President), Marta Daniel (Secretary), Helen Cahill (Recorder) and myself. We have been helped greatly by existing members. Thank you.

We currently have over 90 members, which is a fantastic achievement for this stage of the year. I think as a club we cater extremely well for pool, open water and social members and will continue to do so.

Two big events coming up will see many members involved. Firstly the Port To Pub is on Saturday and the club is represented in the solo, duo and team categories. Good luck to all involved. Follow their progress on the Tracking App. Swimmers details are on the website and Club Face book page.

On Sunday 25th March, the club is hosting its LiveLighter Club Challenge swimming carnival at the pool. It is not too late to enter! Last year we won and are hoping to again this year. Your support is greatly appreciated by swimming or helping on pool deck.

Glenda and her team have come up with some fun and new ideas for social events and I am sure you will all find some to suit.

Don’t forget the club provides training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and has lanes booked on Sunday mornings. For those who prefer the beach, there is always someone at Doddi’s on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Keep enjoying your swimming.


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